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This page will serve as the walkthrough guide for Observer.

Main Quests[]

  1. Find Adam's apartment
  2. Investigate the crime scene in Apartment 007
  3. Find a way out of Adam's apartment
  4. Interrogate neighbors and identify the caller
  5. Examine Nowak's apartment and hack into Amir's mind
  6. Find Helena Nowak
  7. Investigate the crime scene and hack into Helena's mind
  8. Find the secret passage and investigate the secret room
  9. Get out of the basement
  10. Investigate apartment 210
  11. Tracking down the killer
  12. Investigate the assassin's body and break into his mind
  13. Restoring the power to the generator
  14. Find and investigate the killer's hideout
  15. Find the Sanctuary and contact Adam
  16. A visit to an old hotel
  17. The final confrontation with Adam


  1. Case #268: Strange Little Girl
  2. Case #776: Noisy Neighbors



  1. >Observer_
  2. Voxel Runner
  3. By Any Other Name
  4. I Am an Observer
  5. KPD! Open up!
  6. Drug Trail
  7. Unbreakable
  8. Obsessive
  9. Pandemic
  10. A Work in Progress
  11. The Prodigal Son
  12. Noble Sword
  13. Death in the Family
  14. It's a Trap!
  15. Lord of the Harvest
  16. Outbreak
  17. Body Snatcher
  18. Altered States
  19. The Root of All Evil