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of the browser by showing content in 1, 2, or 3 columns.
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This is done by dividing the main content of the page into four numbered sections.
This is a basic responsive front page design that adapts to the available width of the browser by
rearranging the sections themselves as well as content within each section. When narrow, the three sections
When the window is narrow, as on low-res displays, the content is displayed in a
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line up vertically in a single column. When wide enough, the middle (flex) section is pulled out to become a
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Much of the layout and appearance is determined through styles defined in these pages:
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Or, visually...
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[2| |2| |4| | | |2| |3|
|3| |4| | | | |
Content in section 1 and 4 has to be set up in a way that lets it adapt to different
widths easily since they could be either one or two columns wide. This isn't nearly so
important in sections 2 and 3 since they'll always be in only one column.
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<div id="mf-home" class="fpcontent">
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<metadesc>The #1 community resource Wiki for Observer, the psychological thriller horror game from Bloober Team where you jump into memories themselves!</metadesc>
<div style="text-align: right;"><small>Main page sections: [[/Section 1|1]] &#183; [[/Section 2|2]] &#183; [[/Section 3|3]] &#183; [[/Section 4|4]]</small></div>
<metadesc>The #1 community generated wiki resource for Quake Champions, the triumphant return of the arena shooter classic, Quake!</metadesc>
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[[Category:Observer Wiki]]
<metadesc>The #1 community resource Wiki for Observer, the psychological thriller horror game from Bloober Team where you jump into memories themselves!</metadesc>

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the Observer compendium by the players, for the players.

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What is Observer?

Observer is a new game from Bloober Team, the developers of Layers of Fear. Stylized as ">Observer_", the game was first teased during E3 during the 2016 PC Gaming Show. Developer Rafal Basaj has stated that in Observer, you will play as a member of a special elite police unit that can hack into minds and interact with memories within. The gameplay footage shown at the PC Gaming Show displayed holograms, cyberpunk wiring, and how agents plug into the mind of the unconscious subject.

Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux is a remastered version of Observer including an extra chapter. It was released on Xbox Series X and Steam on November 10, 2020 and on PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020.

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