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Investigate the crime scene in apartment 007[]

As you enter the apartment, you will learn how to crouch. After you go through the hole, you will have to interact with the fallen shelf to move this upright and get past. Continue on to find a corpse and a small cutscene. The game will now teach you how to use EM Vision and Bio Vision.

  1. EM Vision is for objects and technology. This turns your vision green.
  2. Bio Vision is for biological objects. This turns your vision red.

You must examine the body and surrounding area.

  1. Turn on EM Vision and scan the three small objects near the body. These will have a green outline.
    1. ComPass Implant
    2. ID Mixer
    3. Stun Baton
  2. Turn on Bio Vision and scan the following. These will glow red
    1. Whole Body
    2. Head stump
    3. Wound
    4. Blood stain
    5. Claw marks: Over by the shelf you moved earlier

Optional: You will then get the option to investigate the crime scene. You can either do this quest or continue to find a way to escape by going to the entrance.

The following objects need to be scanned to complete this quest. Use EM Vision to investigate them.

  1. Processor
  2. Mother Board: In the middle sliding closet door
  3. Large Cloud Server
  4. Hologram Frame
  5. Holo Library
  6. Computer
  7. Chiron ID Card: In the dresser to the left of the corpse
  8. Data Storage Unit: Find the small figurine in the far right corner of the kitchen. Pick this up then use EM and rotating object to find and scan this.

These objects can be found with Bio Vision

  1. 45F substance: In refrigerator.
  2. Synchrozine: One in the bathroom, and one on the desk with the personal computer.

After you complete this, head to the doorway to find that you are stuck in the apartment.