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Opening Cutscene[]

You start the game sitting in your car. You will hear someone trying to contact you and you will need to turn the camera towards the center of the dashboard and interact with the red button. You will then go through a conversation. Your dialogue choices in this conversation do not matter.

You will be asked to perform a synchronization. Follow the instructions on screen to to open the status window then either click the pill icon to take a pill or press the corresponding button on the right side. These pills are called Synchrozine. They clear up the vision of distortions. You can find more to refill your supply as you continue the game and search.

After more dialogue you will be moves to the slums.

Find Adam's Apartment[]

To your right is the janitor. Speak to him to start a conversation. When he asks for your reasons for coming, you can give him any answer. When he asks for a name, choose Grabinski. He will tell you the apartment number is 007 and how to get there. There is also a map to your left if you need it.

Go straight through the double doors into the courtyard. There is nothing to do here, yet, so enter the doorway further ahead and to the right. When you enter, take the doorway to the left before the stairs. These are apartments 001-017. To get to 007, go straight, take a right, then take a left. 007 should be the door on your right.