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Feed is a drug in the world of Observer.


Is it worth it? I take a deep breath and suddenly I feel like I could punch through the ceiling, fly out of this shithole and kick our beloved Chairman in the balls. You tell me if it's worth it.
~ Peter Budnik, "Confessions of a Feed Addict"

Controlled substance 45f, better known as 'Feed', is a common street drug, found in wide circulation in class C districts of major metropolitan areas. It combines the effects of stimulants and hallucinogens, giving the user an immense feeling of strength and confidence, while also projecting visions that conform to their mental state.

The drug can be ingested in several ways, although is most commonly distributed as an inhalant. Despite its harmful side effects and carcinogenic nature, it remains one of the most popular 'lower-class' drugs, mostly due to its relatively low cost and the high level of stimulation. Highly illegal, its use and distribution carries a penalty of up to 10 years in a correctional facility.