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Daniel Lazarski is the protagonist of Observer.

[ Biography ]
Name D A N I E L
Surname L A Z A R S K I
Citizen ID 3 8 1 0 1 9 4 0 1 7 2 8
Citizen Class B
Date Of Birth O C T 1 9 2 0 3 8
Gender A - 1
Occupation O B S E R V E R


Daniel is a member of the elite neural detectives known as the Observers, and the main protagonist of "Observer". During the events of the game, he is investigating the disappearance of his son Adam. Like every other Observer in the KPD (Krakow Police Department), he uses his Dream Eater augmentation in order to access the neural implant of the suspect: in doing so, he enters inside its data memory to collect evidences and clues.

Before the events of "Observer"[]

Some time after the 13 April 2068 Dan's wife, Laura, was diagnosed with (presumibly) a form of cancer.