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Memory Shards are psychologically addictive systems in the world of Observer. Their addictive quality is why they are often labelled as a "drug".


Make the most of yourself... for that is all there is of you.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Augmentation Dependency Syndrome, or ADS, is a psychological disorder in which the afflicted displays an overwhelming urge to replace most, or - in extreme cases - all, of his organic body parts with cybernetic implants. Although most common among veterans and Augmented Martial Arts fighters, the disorder is not directly linked to any practical applications of the desired augmentations.

Most of the afflicted are not able to justify their compulsion, although they might present false rationale, usually involving 'wanting to be better', or 'realizing their true potential'. This mental illness proved especially problematic in times of increased nanophage threat, as the afflicted - lacking the means to purchase high quality implants - would often turn to illegal 'ripper' clinics and opt for cheap, defective modifications. The selling and installation of used implants has been regulated under the Responsible Augmentation Act of 2064.